Insecticidal activity of sonchus asper root and leaf

Ulfat Samreen, Muhammad Ibrar, Barkat Ullah, Lal badshah


In order to control pest attack on the stored grainst entomologist throughout the world worked to find out effective device against these pests. Mostly synthetic drugs are used for control of these pests, which tough were effective, but at the same time they proved very dangerous, as they created extreme environmental hazards. These synthetic pesticides are mostly non-degradible and hence cause water and soil pollutions, as well as human health problems. Insecticidal activity of S. asper showed that the ethanolic extracts of leaf and root have significant effect as compared to aqueous extracts and the effect of leaf ethanolic extract is higher than the root extracts. At 1000 g/ml leaf ethanolic extract showed 100% lethality of Tribolium cataneum. It is therefore, concluded that like other many plants, Sonchus asper has a great potential to be exploited as an effective insecticide.

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