ETM+ data applicability for remote sensing of soil salinity in Lighvan watershed, Northwest of Iran

M. Rahmati, M. Mohammadi-Oskooei, M.R. Neyshabouri, A. Fakheri-Fard, A. Ahmadi, J. Walker


This study aims to examine the applicability of the ETM+ data for soil salinity prediction in Lighvan watershed, Northwest of Iran. The estimated soil salinity indices including SI1, SI2, SI3, NDSI, SI_1, SI2, and Si_3 were evaluated using ground measurements of EC (ECm) from different land-uses and from bare soils only. The results do not have a correlation (average R2 near to zero) ECm regarding to different land-uses in study area. There is also a similar outcome in the case of bare soils samples. Although employing a linear multivariate regression between ECm (as dependent variable) and salinity indices (as independent variables) led to a higher accuracy showing evaluating error (ER) of 34.9% vs. 35.9%, but the correlation between predicted and measured EC was still very low (R2 of 0.07 vs. 0.002). As a result of this research the processing of the ETM+ data was not able to predict the necessary indices in this case. It is perhaps due to lower salinity amount and will probably give better estimations in wet regions with higher rate of evaporation.

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