Effects of domestic and industrial waste water on germination and seedling growth of some plants

Zille Huma


The study aimed to determine the effects of pharmaceutical industrial and domestic waste waters on seed germination and seedling
growth of some selected plants under laboratory conditions. The effect of different effluents was compared to that of control (distilled
water). The results revealed that the two types of polluted water significantly affect germination, root & shoot elongation. Nigella sativa
was highly affected in domestic waste water treatment and Pharmaceutical waste water treatment followed by Coriandrum sativum
.Germination percentages of Brassica juncea in domestic and pharmaceutical waste water treatment were 18% and 22%, respectively.
Germination percentage of Trigonella foenum-graecum was less affected by polluted waters as only 20% and 17% reduction was
observed in domestic and pharmaceutical industry waste water when compared with control. Hordeum vulgare showed only 23%
reduction in germination under domestic waste water condition while it reduction under industrial waste water was near to 35%. It has
been concluded that domestic and industrial waste water has significantly affected the germination and growth of seeds and seedlings of
various species. However, Trigonella foenum-graecum and Hordeum vulgare showed acceptable performance under toxic water

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