Colour changes in Indian jujube fruit under modified atmosphere packaging

Laxman Jat, S Pareek, RA Kaushik


Colour is an important attributes because it is the first property observes by consumers. The consumer uses colour and appearance factors
to provide indication of freshness, flavour and quality. The aim of this study was to evaluate the potential of modified atmosphere
packaging in colour retention and preserving quality for Indian jujube fruit. The colour of Indian jujube fruit changes from green to dark
brown after harvest as the fruit ripens, and is used as a quality guide for growers and consumers. Fruits at physiological maturity
characterized by colour turning stage were harvested and stored in low density polyethylene bags under modified atmosphere packaging.
Bags were stored at 6 C for 35 days. The Colour (L*, a*, b*), chroma and Hue angle were evaluated during storage. The fruit treated
with atmospheric condition (21% O2 + 0.03% CO2 + balance N2) lost their quality attributes very rapidly, manifested by accelerated
colour changes (L*, a*, b*, C* and h) but the use of MAP retarded these changes; the efficacy is being higher in fruit packaged with MAP
treatments compared to control as a result of the delay in postharvest ripening. MAP with 5% O2 + 5% CO2 (with balance N2) was found
best for retention of tristimulus colour coordinates at the end of experiment.

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