Determinants of sales revalue to Telfaria occidentalis marketing in Ibadan, Nigeria

JM Usman


This study examined the the determinants of sales revenue for the marketing of Telfaria occidentalis in Ibadan metropolis. Information was obtained from three different markets in some selected local government in Ibadan metropolis. The data for the study were collected through structural questionnaire, one hundred questionnaires were distributed, eighty-five were retrieved. Findings shows that 97.6% were female while 2.4% were male this show that female are involve in the marketing of Telfaria occidentalis than male and most of the female are married. The study shows that the double logarithm functional form is the lead equation with co-efficient of multiple determination (R2) values of 0.873 (87.3%). The variables had positive significant influence on Telfaria occidentalis marketing and it was observed as 1% level respectively. This study further explain the factors affecting the marketing of Telfaria occidentalis which are the price fluctuation shows the highest mean score of 4.10 followed by rapid spoilage (3.40) and storage problems (3.34).

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