Using of nonparametric measures of phenotypic stability in lentil (Lens culinaris M.)

Mehdi Mohebodini, Hamid Dehghani, Sayyed Hossain Sabaghpour


Assessment of the stability of a genotype to different environments is useful for recommending cultivars for known conditions of cultivation and should be a requirement in breeding programs. Therefore, eleven lentil (Lens culinaris M.) genotypes were tested at four locations in Iran for three years. The experiments involved a randomized complete block design in which ten nonparametric stability measures were used to analyze genotype stability. According to principal component analysis, nonparametric stability measures were divided to four groups. Group 1 include Si3, Si6, NPi(2), NPi(3) and NPi(4) stability measures, group 2 include Si1, Si2 and NPi(1) stability measures, group 3 include rank-sum stability measure and group 4 include Fox et al. (1990) stability measure. Five nonparametric stability measures (Si3, Si6, NPi(2), NPi(3) and NPi(4)) identified genotype G4 (FLIP 96-9L) as the stable genotype and four nonparametric stability measures (Si1, Si2, rank-sum and Fox stability measure) identified genotype G2 (FLIP 82-1L) as the stable genotype.

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