Editorial Board

Editorial Board

Dr Sinisa Berjan

University of East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dr Velibor Spalevic

Ecological Engineering for Soil and Water Resources

Protection, Montenegro

Dr. Victor Afari-Sefa,

Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Canada

Dr. Lithourgidis S. Anastasios,

University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Dr. Ignacio J. Diaz-Maroto

University of�Santiago de Compostela,�Spain


Giselher Grabenweger

Dep. Grassland Systems and Arable Farming Systems, Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. Samuel Y.C. Essah

Dept. of Horticulture, Colorado State Univ. USA

Dr. Denis Charlebois

Horticulture Research and Development Centre, Canada

Dr. Lydia Perevedentseva

Perm State National Research University, Russia

Dr. Ana Sanches Silva

National Institute of Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal

Dr. Claudio Ioriatti

Research and Innovation Centre, San Michele all�Adige, Italy

Mohammad Valizadeh

Department fur nutzpflanzenwissenschaften

lubeck, schleswig-holstein